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May 19, 2010

HITLER-Rise of Evil Movie - Full of Inaccuracies.

In the American TV Film: "HITLER-Rise of Evil" (2003)

1. Hitler`s father Aloise dies at home, while in reality he died in a pub.

2. Hitler moves from Vienna to Munich in 1914, while in reality he actually moved to Munich in 1913.

3. Hitler's mother's doctor, Dr. Eduard Bloch is portrayed as a Hasidic Jew. In reality, like most Jews in Linz at the time, Bloch was fully assimilated into Austro-Hungarian society.

4.Hitler is shown arriving and proceeding directly to the Feldherrnhalle on August 1, 1914 but in reality Hitler arrived in Munich in May 1913.

5. One scene shows Hitler beating his dog, but according to many historians Hitler was often seen as an animal-lover and the Third Reich had the first animal protection laws in the world.

6. Hitler was not awarded the Iron Cross for the cynical political reasons shown in the movie instead he was awarded repeated acts of bravery in front line service.

7. When Hitler returns to Munich after the War, communist revolutionaries are shown beheading a statue of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Ha ha ha in fact, there were no statues of Wilhelm II in Imperial Germany because it was deemed inappropriate to represent a living person.

8. In a scene depicting his first meeting in 1919 with the German Workers' Party, he said he "didn't drink". This is simply not true. He certainly diminished his alcohol intake after coming out of Landsberg Prison in 1925, but he would occasionally drink beer and wine which was ironically later depicted in the film when Hitler officially obtained his German citizenship in a ceremony in 1932.

9. Anton Drexler is depicted as not wearing glasses when in actual fact he did. Ironically Gottfried Feder is shown as wearing spectacles when in reality he actually did not! Gottfried Feder is also shown without a moustache when in reality he had a trade-mark Toothbrush moustache.

10. Hitler was shown forcefully kissing his niece, Geli. Though he was very close to her, there are no historical documents which say that Hitler actually ever had a sexual relationship with his niece. She is also shown to commit suicide the same night as the 1930 election, but in reality she died more than a year after this event. Movie also showed Geli was totally scared of Hitler and thought him crazy but those of u all who has done any studying on this subject would be knowing that Geli was completely in love with him and even staged a suicide attempt to get him to notice her more. When he met Eva she couldn't take it anymore, the fact that he wasn't with her all the time and really killed herself out of despair and depression. Not because he was treating her cruelly and being a monster.

The list of inaccuracies can go on and on.But just imagine the real Hitler, who was a master of propaganda and speech. This is just a Hollywood cardboard piece of propaganda itself, disguised as "true history".

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  1. Well done this helped me with my history assignment on the movie